MagazARION - November 2019

In this Edition of the magazine we have a presentation of this very important organization NATIONAL MARINE PARK of Zakynthos that is only a few minutes away from us and is full of interesting things about the nature and sea life.

MagazARION - October 2019

To this issue, you will read, as you take a look in the beauty of close attractions, the history and the suggestions of locals. The Arion Hotels provides the perfect home for anyone considering zakynthos for a 6 month summer holiday destination. It's easy to fill the day with your favourite activities in the most incredible places.

MagazARION - September 2019

In this issue, we will make an electronic journey, on a typical day in our world. A guided tour of the special day that every visitor enjoys in our hotels Arion Resort Vassilikos and Arion Green Riviera!!!

MagazARION - August 2019

To this issue you will see our Gastronomy through a new means of tasty expansion. To this food trip we will have together our Gastronomy director Mr Makis Aygerinos.

MagazARION - July 2019

Our excellent business results comes after hard and professional work of our staff. Our People are our Greatest asset. To this issue you will meet them and you will find some interesting private thoughts about this destination.

MagazARION - June 2019

Over the past years, our Company has defined shaped and elevated the spirit and standards of hospitality in Zakynthos island. it's has been an exciting and challenging journey shared with our staff, guests, partners and suppliers.

MagazARION - May 2019

Experience the Different. It gives us a great pleasure to welcome you to another issue of MagazARION. This monthly newsletter you will find out lists of things about your Living in this island and how you can spend your time with lots of choices for happy memories.

MagazARION - April 2019

We are happy for this first issue, MagazArion the monthly Newsletter , that our company and specially the owners will provide some useful information from our business and Zakynthos island.