Experience Luxury and Romance at Aspro Krino Dunes

By the water, life is lived differently. The minutes are not counted, and the daily routine is replaced by the rhythm of the tide and the sun as it rises and falls. Nestled by the southern part of the Ionian Sea, Aspro Krino Dunes is a prestigious coastal haven, offering a luxurious and intimate retreat with 24 opulent suites and a private beach.

This exclusive adults-only boutique hotel in Zakynthos provides a romantic escape, along with access to our sister property, Palm Beach Park, for exquisite dining, entertaining, and relaxing experiences.

Sleep Well

Our Exclusive Adult Suites: Embrace Comfort and Refinement

Step into a world of unparalleled luxury and sophistication with our adults-only suites. Each suite, exceeding 30 sq m, offers indulgent living space, a lavish walk-in shower, and a personal pool, allowing you to relax in absolute opulence while savoring the captivating views from your private terrace.

Every suite embodies the vibrant energy and rich culture of the region, infused with a contemporary flair and artistic touches. The interiors feature exquisite wooden furnishings, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Each suite comprises a spacious living area and a private bathroom, designed with large windows and sliding doors that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living, bringing the natural beauty inside.

Aspro Krino Dunes
Aspro Krino Dunes
Aspro Krino Dunes
Feel Well

Our Exclusive Adult Suites: Embrace Comfort and Refinement

Aspro Krino Dunes
Aspro Krino Dunes
Aspro Krino Dunes


Discover the beauty of Vassilikos' lush natural landscape with guided treks through the surrounding beaches. Located close to the National Marine Park, our guests have the opportunity to come face-to-face with sea turtles, explore the diverse flora and fauna, and even encounter rare stones known for their beneficial properties on the skin.

The Palm Cabana

In celebration of Arion's Holiday Destination 20th anniversary, Palm Beach Park presents the Beach Cabana, a Boho-inspired pop-up designed for ultimate relaxation on the beach.

Water Sports

The turquoise waters of our resort are an invitation to adventure. Whether you're exploring the coast on a paddleboard or a sea bicycle, you can enjoy peaceful paddling around the bays while watching the sun set. For those seeking excitement, try stand-up paddleboarding on the calm sea.


From pulsating DJ music and captivating live shows to engaging traditional events and enriching cooking classes, there is something for everyone to enjoy. You can also indulge in shopping experiences available within the resort.


At our wellness center, you'll be greeted by an infinite view of the Ionian Sea. Our specialized treatments are designed to create a perfect balance between Earth and Sky. The spa facilities will calm and relax you from the moment you arrive at the reception desk. With its open design, the spa offers a panoramic view of the natural beauty outside, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Our hotel spa at Palm Beach is an oasis where ancestral rituals are incorporated into holistic experiences, respecting your energy needs and providing a personal connection in every spa service.

Open Flintstones Gym

Aspro Krino Dunes
Eat Well

Delight in Exquisite Culinary Creations at The Palm Restaurant

Indulge in a culinary journey like no other at The Palm Restaurant. Start your day with a choice of buffet or à la carte breakfasts, at your leisure, while overlooking the breathtaking Sea of [location]. In the evenings, treat yourself to refined dinners curated by our two talented chefs, enjoyed on a terrace beneath the starry skies.

In addition, our resort boasts bars where you can find snacks and innovative mixology. Our all-exclusive resort adds that extra touch to elevate your dining experiences.

Aspro Krino Dunes
Aspro Krino Dunes

The Sunset Terrace - An Idyllic Setting for Unforgettable Moments

The Sunset Terrace offers an idyllic setting with breathtaking views across the bay and the Ionian Sea. Whether you're gathering around the table with friends or enjoying a family event, this new drinking and dining venue provides a feast for the senses. With its creative cocktail and food menu, it celebrates the joy of coming together and offers an ideal location to enjoy a pre or post-dining experience or celebrate a special occasion.

The Beach Terrace - A Taste of Local and International Delights

At the Beach Terrace, you can enjoy daily drinks and tasteful dishes while taking in the stunning view of the Ionian Sea. This lounge-style venue showcases an authentic selection of local specialties and international favorites, along with wood-fired pizzas and vibrant salads. It's the perfect spot for a relaxing lunch, where you can unwind with the sea as your backdrop.